Are you owed money?

Non-payment of debts can be crippling for business; not only are losses financially damaging, but invaluable time and energy that could otherwise be spent on progressing your business is wasted chasing unpaid funds.

You are legally entitled to recover what is yours. Websters Lawyers are expert debt recovery lawyers and we will help you reclaim money you are owed from debtors.

Websters Debt Recovery Services

Drawing on almost three decades of debt collection service experience, Websters takes control of the debt recovery process for you so that you can focus on driving your business forward.

Because we are debt recovery law experts, our debt collection service has been designed to achieve the best possible result for your business. And because we are totally committed to our clients, we work to make the whole process as stress-free as possible for you.

As a full service debt recovery agency, Websters are experienced at all levels of debt recovery, and we have special arrangements and fee structures available. We assist with drawing up and issuing letters of demand or statements of claim, and provide all consequent debt recovery and litigation action.

Our Client-focused Approach

We combine our extensive knowledge of debt recovery law with an unrelenting service on your behalf to make sure that we recover what is owed to you. However, we understand the sensitive nature of debt recovery and the importance of your client relationships, and so we work with understanding, professionalism, respect and integrity in recovering your debts so as not to cause damage to the creditor/debtor relationship. We will always attempt to settle matters out of court.

We offer a service that is professional, flexible, and cost-effective for you, but above all, our service is geared to achieve the best possible outcome for your business.

Don’t let your business suffer from non-payment of debt. Contact Websters today on +61 2 9233 2688 for a comprehensive debt recovery service and recoup the money you are owed.

Business Dispute Prevention

As the experts in business law, our expert commercial lawyers can assist with any legal dispute you are currently involved in. In addition, Websters will also work with you to help prevent any future disputes.

We assist with internal auditing and identifying any areas within your organisation that may leave you open to commercial disputes. We will then work with you to provide a solution to resolve these matters, and will guide you through the process of fixing any problem areas.

In times of commercial conflict, Websters’ lawyers are here to guide you through the entire legal process. Not only do we provide you with the expert advice you need, we manage your expectations of success, and formulate a strategy that works for you.

We have nearly 30 years’ experience representing a variety of industries.

If you require a professional business lawyer to advise you on any commercial dispute resolution in Sydney/Sydney CBD, contact Websters Solicitors on +61 2 9233 2688

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