Intellectual Property Law and Your Business

The core of your business is the thing that really speaks the most to your clients and shareholders. It’s what makes them recognise and relate to you; it’s what makes them come back to you time and again.

That core could be a central idea, an invention, a business name, a logo, writings, a formula or a design. These intangible assets are your Intellectual Property (IP), and are where your stakeholders find value in your company. For that reason, they need to be protected.

Experts in Intellectual Property Law

Employing experts in Australian intellectual property law to process, protect and enforce your ownership rights is to protect what is the very foundation of your business in terms of value for you, your clients and your shareholders.

That’s why you should only entrust the protection of your IP to Sydney’s most expert intellectual property lawyers.

Websters are among the top intellectual property law firms in Sydney and Sydney CBD. Our team of lawyers are well versed in all areas of intellectual property law in Australia.

Our service includes:

  • Defending claims
  • IP Litigation, including injunctions, protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights and disputes over ownership of same
  • Licensing agreements, royalty agreements and assignments of intellectual property
  • Advice on all intellectual property interests, including franchising, copyright, trademark, design and patent rights and obligations, and all documentation and agreements in relation to such property both nationally and internationally

Websters’ Client-focused IP Service

Our expertise and dedication to the specific requirements of each of our clients’ intellectual property is reflected in our success rates.

With more than three decades experience in all areas of the laws surrounding intellectual property in Australia, we are well equipped to provide legal advice and/or representation in all areas of your IP.

If you would like to discuss your IP strategy with the most expert intellectual property law firm in Sydney, contact Websters today on +61 2 9233 2688.

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