In times of insolvency and bankruptcy, there are many complicated issues that need to be addressed, most of which are fraught with stress, anxiety and uncertainty for all parties involved.

When you no longer know which way to turn, turn to the experts in corporate insolvency law for expert advice and peace of mind.

The Sydney Insolvency Law Experts

For nearly three decades, Websters has been the leading advisor in insolvency law and corporate insolvency. Our business insolvency experts provide clear, straightforward legal insolvency advice and litigation for a full range of business insolvency services.

With extensive knowledge and experience, our professional insolvency lawyers provide sound advice and legal representation for individuals and for companies. Our litigation experience stretches from representing both creditors and debtors in matters of liquidation, receivership, administration, bankruptcy, preferences, voidable dispositions or uncommercial transactions, and deeds of administration.

Our experience covers all manner of corporate insolvency, including complex liquidations. Because of our 30 years’ experience and superior knowledge of insolvency law, at Websters we are best positioned to provide legal advice to liquidators in all aspects of collecting, protecting and realising assets.

Your Trusted Insolvency Practitioner

Whether it’s your business in financial dire straits or the business of a stakeholder, insolvency can be an overwhelming time that can consist of lengthy and confusing legal processes.

We resolve to make the entire legal process as easy for you as possible. We strive to settle matters quickly and efficiently, and communicate with you every step of the way.

When you consult Websters for bankruptcy and insolvency legal advice and representation, you can rest assured that we have the experience and the expertise to see you through the entire process, achieving the best possible outcome for you and your business.

There are many insolvency firms in Sydney, but for the trusted name in insolvency and bankruptcy litigation, contact Websters Solicitors & Barristers, Notaries on +61 2 9233 2688.

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